Senin, 04 April 2016


- A Seed Story -

Last month Jhonny found a seed to grow
A best seed who come with the flow
Let the sun shine and the wind blow
Wait until the best part start to show

Jhonny keep it away from any annoyance
though only someone look at a glance
Till one day come a little shoot
Jhonny yelled thanks to the God
His patience will bear an awesome result

But how a pity Jhonny man
Best seed not come with a good tendence
The grown seed begin to betray
After all the wretched gain Jhonny feels to take care
She decide to say good bye

Jhonny don't know it will bring a lot of pain
The long way crumbled because of villain
But the life cant not be full of complain
Let the memory vanished by the rain
Let him to start it over again

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