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News Article

Mr. Slamet - Building the FIB's Passion from Other Sides

Faculty of Humanities or Fakultas Ilmu Budaya (FIB) officially became a faculty in November 2014. As a new faculty in Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Faculty of Humanities, of course, have the organizational structure of governance. Drs. Bambang Lelono, M.Hum served as dean, Rezky Februansyah, S.S., I M.A as vice dean I, Dr. Elly Triasih R, S.S., M.Hum as vice dean II and Imam Subandi, S.S., M.Hum as vice dean III. Other than that positions, the head of the administration of FIB is also has an important role in the faculty.

Slamet, S.IP is someone who is believed to serve as the head of the administration of FIB. Men born 54 years ago served as head of administration at the Faculty of Humanities since this faculty was estabilish. Faculty of Humanities is lucky to have a native son of Banyumas. Pak Slamet as he usually called is an experienced in this field. Before serving as head of administration at the FIB, he has served as financial and general chief sub-section of major in nursing of UNSOED. He also was the heads of personnel sub-section in the Medical Faculty. Later, the man who graduated from the Universitas Terbuka Purwokerto got a promotion to redeployed into a new faculty, the Faculty of Humanities.

Served as head of administration at the Faculty of Humanities is not easy. as the head of the administration of FIB, he is responsible for personnel and administration, set up protocol issue then prepare the agendas in the Faculty of Humanities. Sometime, he immediately stepped in to help his men organize in the field such as cleaning service’s schedule in the Faculty of Humanities. If there are reports of existing infrastructure breakdown in the FIB, he also fix it up directly ask about the breakdown condition to the responsible employees. The impact of his working methods is real, the employees who look less of care and less of compact when FIB is early formed has now changed to the better condition. All the employees is well-organized, compact and full of passion. According to Mr. Slamet, it is one of the fast response action that became his principle for serving in FIB.

During his tenure as head of the administration in the Faculty of Humanities, Mr.Slamet never complained about the situation. According to him, the work was to be done with passion and a sense of patience because his work is the mandate of Allah SWT. In the future, Pak Slamet hope that in five years FIB can be aligned with other faculty who are already standing in Universitas Jenderal Soedirman.

Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Book Review : 'Endank Soekamti: Angka 8'

Endank Soekamti presented a biographical novel that will tell all of us about the lives of the personnel, since childhood, adolescence, until now. All complete reviews based on valid data and then poured into a series of semi-documentary story definitely exciting to be enjoyed. Biography novel of Endank Soekamti is the only guide that will bring Kamtis family far more familiar with the figures that have high willingness to continue coloring the Indonesian music industry.

Endank Soekamti is one of punk rock band in Indonesia that has three personnel: Erix Soekamti (Bass and Vocals), Dory Soekamti (guitar and vocals), and Ary Soekamti (Drum). The band, which was founded in 2001, has a fairly large fan base and spread all over Indonesia. The fanatical fans named Kamtis Family. They always come on every Endank Soekamti’s concert. Endank Soekamti is a really phenomenal group band in Indonesia. A crazy, smart, and innovative musician that always make Kamtis Family wait for their new works. The newest creation is Endank Soekamti 5th album : Angka 8. Angka 8 (The eight) symbolize the friendship for each personnel of Endank Soekamti and furthermore is friendship  for Endank Soekamti with all the Kamtis Family.

“The struggle is not over, is still long road ahead. A band would not stop to work when it is already built kinship and belonging. Endank Soekamti fifth album is a small step to continue the journey has just begun”.
Due to the rampant piracy in our beloved country, the hard copy music sales is downturned. In that kind of bad situation, Endank Soekamti boldly sell the hard copy of their 5th album into the bookstore. Yap, not just a record store but also book store. They sell their CD albums by inserting them into a novel, a novel that tell us the story of their life from childhood until they become a rock star like now.

They named the novel as same as their fifth album that also tell the story about the past of the personnel, the stories behind the scene of the formation of Endank Soekamti until the existing problems on it that never exposed. This is not only the breakthrough on this album selling, but they also provide sixteen free track from the sixteen songs contained on Angka 8’s album. Everyone can download it on their official website,  soekamti.com, freely. The animo from the 'free downloader' is so big, soekamti.com overloaded and can not be accessed by the visitor almost a whole month a few weeks after the download system is legalized.

Back to the novel, this biographical novel is really make the reader feel closer to this trio unique punk man from Yogyakarta. The book written by @rara_3R an @endikkoeswoyo use understandable language so all of the stories here directly delivered to the target without any absurd impression at all.

Stories about Dory who has a twin brother named Hody, Ary that has to beat depression in his live and Erix who tried to keep his passion in music altough he should be hated by his family, are completely written in this novel. There also stories about the ex-manager of Endank Soekamti, the process of the first album launching, the ‘Curse of Ary’ tragedy and many other stories that will make Kamtis Family know more about who is Endank Soekamti. This book is very recomended for you who want to know about Endak Soekamti.

But there a slight lack of this novel. There are still so many spelling errors everywhere, such as word Endang Soekamti, hari soekamti and some other words that passes editing process. I dont know whether this is intentional or not, but I think for the true Kamtis Family, they will understand how some words in the Angka 8 misprinted. There also one other minus thing in this novel. This novel lack of documentary like photos in every part. I think photos will add some real atmosphere to the novel.

Well, in spite of it all, this book is highly recomended for the youngster. This book complete of a story of a three musician that try to catch their dream, to be a rock star. You will see the real struggle for a big dream in the Angka 8 novel.

Selasa, 19 April 2016

Personal Short Story

- When All is Finished -

For me, to be a reserved man it very difficult for now. Almost all of my close friends know me as a noisy, fussy and big-mouthed person. But not when I was in junior high. I was a quiet and introvert person. But, It changed when I got to know them.
That afternoon I was preparing for the first time went to the place of tutoring. This is the first experience for me to follow the lessons. Although my achievement in the school is quite make a proud of my parents, they kept telling me to get in tutoring to prepare for the National Examination in 3rd grade later. The first day I walked in the class whose children seems pretty smart & cool . I'd heard most of them that attending the class came from bonafide school in my town and I came from The junior high school 5 that famous with students who love to brawl.
In the first day in the class. I met my primary school friends, Yon. It turns out he had been a year earlier study in this tutoring. Yon is the child from a soldier.  He is funny, mischievous and big-mouthed man all the time. Because of that bad character, he became well-known and have many friends. "How are you, Ar?" He asked me as he led a handshake. "Alhamdulillah, I am healthy, Yon" I replied. Then our little chat interspersed with exciting Yon chatting with his other friends in the class. They are very noisy and playful. Wow, it would be very nice if I could know them all. Then I thought, “Could I enjoy this noisy class ?”.
Soon I passed, I began to try to identify some of the other students in the class. It was true, most of them comes from favourite and bonafide junior high school in my city, (what is the importance to took the lessons here for them ? They are all smart already right ? ha ha ​​never mind). Rest of them come from the mediocre the school. At the first time i joined the class, I was embarrassed to answer the questions posed by the mentor even though I knew the right answer. I just whispering and friends around me responded, "If you know the answer just say it, bro" said Fahmi. "He he, yeah bro" I replied. Meanwhile, I see the enthusiastic of the other students that are so great when answering the questions and ask about the presented material. They are not afraid that the answer given is correct or incorrect. Here I started to be triggered and thought, why just me being inactive ? I have to be as active as they are.
I started to feel enjoy with my new friends. I often to the mosque for prayers or snack with Fahmi, Yon and others at the break time. I also became acquainted with new friends such as Agam, Anjar, Husen, Andi, Aji and Bangkit or they used to call him Bayor. From then on, we used to hang out together after the lessons or gathered at Fahmi’s home after school. We often go to the lesson together and take our favourite seats in the class. We choose the most rear seat, behind the girls seat’s.
Here I began to feel lost my nature and tend to be outrageous. Because my friends is mischievous and likes a noisy time in the classroom, over time somehow I slowly turn into a cruel person and liked to make the classroom noisy. I instead of being the mastermind of our fad in pranking the girls sitting in front of us. For example, when the girls were the focused in listening to the presented material, they are not aware with their sandals or shoes. They take off their shoes as if they don't need it anymore. Arose the naughty idea to take one of their sandals and passed it to my other friends then hide it somewhere. And when the classes is ended, of course they will search the other one of the lost sandals. We always keep it quiet and pretending as if we do not to know about it. Sometimes, some of them is crying caused by our ignorance. The mentors and teachers were often to get angry when their lessons are interrupted by our mischievousness.
It made our friendship growing and increasingly tight. From then on, the girls would often come around with us. They are Tiara, Pipit, Ida, daughter, Linda and Iis. This togetherness lasted for 2 years from grade 2 to grade 3 junior. We often go to tourist spots around the city or just hanging out at our favorite place ROPITA toast.
Up to a point when we had to split up because we will continue to the high school by our own choice, then we will be more rare to meet and make do our habits that we used to do in the classroom. Then finally I realized now we've split up. Some of us is in Semarang, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Purwokerto, etc. We sometime all can not meet in a year. Inviting hangout was already not as easy as it first. All of us are busy in the affairs of each. But anyway, I think it's reasonable in a friendship. When we found a new friendship that possible to get more meeting and sharing for us, we will choose it than the old and far friendship. But I’m sure, it will come a time for us to yearn to get together remembering the past.
But I'm trying to take the positive side again, at least not to know them, I got a eliminate my little taciturnity and my fear of something new. In addition, of our friendship above also arise seeds of love among some of us but in the end love it too had run aground parted by the distance and the time. ha ha 

Senin, 11 April 2016

Movie Review

Bridge Of Spies

No more needs to doubt about Steven Spielberg. He has been defined through the summer blockbuster by Jaws, creating an iconic figure named Indiana Jones, touching images and emotions of all people through E.T., turn the dinosaurs into real life in Jurassic Park, winning two Oscars for the best director because of Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan. He had achieve his idealistic and commercial success. In his 69th, Spielberg is just doing what he wants, making a film with his taste and specialties. Therefore we should know what we should expects with Bridge of Spies that marks his fourth collaboration with Tom Hanks. Spielberg liked the real story of the past contain strong humanist element, and package them in dramatic way to embroil the emotions of spectators.

The film is based on a real incident, known as the "1960 U-2 Incident". The incident occurred on May 1, 1960 during the Cold War between the United States and the Uni Soviet. When the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft belonging to American piloted by Francis Gary Powers (Austin Stowell) was shot down in the middle of taking pictures over Soviet area. Powers was arrested and sentenced to prison on charges of spying. But the Bridge of Spies began his story before that, precisely when the FBI arresting Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance). For the sake of creating a fair trial, the US government asked James B. Donovan (Tom Hanks) to be a defender for Abel.

But in fact the process was just a formality and sheer falsehood. Judge ignores strong evidence that is capable of being the cornerstone surety. CIA tried to get Abel talks with Donovan, although legally it is confidential between the client and the lawyer. The US community began to see Donovan as traitors who sided with spies. It is desired by the major party is Abel got the judicial process on the paper according to the rules, but should be sentenced to death in any condition. It is interesting that the fact of this film is based on a true story happen over 40 years ago. The manuscript from Matt Charman and the Coen Brothers tell us the story how people nowadays liked to judge the book by it's cover.They liked to judge something without knowing the essence and viewing just in one point of view. The story has a strong braid applicable in the current environment. Because it is easy to bound and carried away our emotion by the conflict.

The story of two arrested of spies then started to connect when the Soviet offer an exchange. Soviet want to change Powers to Abel.  As a negotiator, Donovan was appointed in the exchange because the US government refused to get involved directly. At the near time, an American student named Frederic Pryor (Will Rogers) was arrested by the Stasi because the team caught crossing to East Germany through the Berlin Wall being built. Pryor was jailed on charges of spying. In the process, Donovan tried to negotiate so that the Soviets and East Germans were equally willing to make an exchange. It's not easy, because it means to be an exchange of 2-for-1 among the three countries.

As his 'favorite area', Spielberg was well-aware already about how to package these stories. The main weapon is the story of humanity, where Spielberg tried to show how precious of every human being equality it is. No matter spy or not, he should received same justice system. No matter useful for political and military purposes or not, each hostage has the same price. Everything is solid packed. Spielberg knows how to play dynamics trajectories. When it should be run slowly, when to provide an emotional climax, when the Donovan must be brave so as the main character able to take the audience. Here we could see the maturity of Steven Spielberg as the director of this film. So careful and in no hurry to show off his ambition to create a dramatic or suspenseful thriller film.

All aspects of this film is packed with good. It would not be surprising at the Oscars 2016, Bridge of Spies received several nominations such as Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor for Tom Hanks. Just like the movie itself, Hanks acting well. He's perfect figure Donovan turned a full ideals, noble, but also has a sense of humor. The plot is very well-organized. The setting is also attractive, it just like we are in the real situation at that time. The story completely show the people how to take an action after seeing a problem from many aspects clearly. The movie simply shows how everyone is has equality in law sides. I highly recommend you to watch this movie.

Here some scenes of Bridge of Spies :

Senin, 04 April 2016


- A Seed Story -

Last month Jhonny found a seed to grow
A best seed who come with the flow
Let the sun shine and the wind blow
Wait until the best part start to show

Jhonny keep it away from any annoyance
though only someone look at a glance
Till one day come a little shoot
Jhonny yelled thanks to the God
His patience will bear an awesome result

But how a pity Jhonny man
Best seed not come with a good tendence
The grown seed begin to betray
After all the wretched gain Jhonny feels to take care
She decide to say good bye

Jhonny don't know it will bring a lot of pain
The long way crumbled because of villain
But the life cant not be full of complain
Let the memory vanished by the rain
Let him to start it over again

Senin, 28 Maret 2016


Hello Fellas! Thank you for visiting this blog!

My name is Lazuardi. I am an almost graduated student. I am now in the 6th Semester of my study. Purwokerto, that is the place where I struggle to find who I am. I took English Diploma Program in Jenderal Soedirman University. Although I like English very much, I never had a dream to be here as an English student, but yeah it was come true and here I am. English is familiar for me now. I also like everything about tourism and the bus. The bus ?

I was often asked on several occasions how i started to like the bus and what does make me liked to travel with a bus than other transportation. The answer is mostly due to a lasting memory that was made when i am very young. I will never forget how my father pickaback's of me and carries some bags with my mother while catching the bus in almost-collapsing-bridge in homecoming time before the Eid Mubarak day. The bus crew worried if the bridge could not withstand the bus with all the passengers, so the crew asked us to get off from the bus for a moment and walk on that messy bridge while the bus will wait for us in the other end. But, the bus left without us. I was able to feel how crowded and uncomfortable it was. This experience made me learn to take the good buses for a good trip by observing it and I trapped into this strange activity. I think that's why i could be so curious of something seems interesting and unusual in a bus till now.

Back to the main business, I made this blog to publish my awesome creative writing. Definitely, this blog will be containing lots of fabulous writings that are going to be posted. Furthermore, you can give me any comments or critics, because they will surely make me relieved and let me know what I am supposed to do and fix.

I hope all published writings in this blog will be useful and entertaining all of you!