Senin, 28 Maret 2016


Hello Fellas! Thank you for visiting this blog!

My name is Lazuardi. I am an almost graduated student. I am now in the 6th Semester of my study. Purwokerto, that is the place where I struggle to find who I am. I took English Diploma Program in Jenderal Soedirman University. Although I like English very much, I never had a dream to be here as an English student, but yeah it was come true and here I am. English is familiar for me now. I also like everything about tourism and the bus. The bus ?

I was often asked on several occasions how i started to like the bus and what does make me liked to travel with a bus than other transportation. The answer is mostly due to a lasting memory that was made when i am very young. I will never forget how my father pickaback's of me and carries some bags with my mother while catching the bus in almost-collapsing-bridge in homecoming time before the Eid Mubarak day. The bus crew worried if the bridge could not withstand the bus with all the passengers, so the crew asked us to get off from the bus for a moment and walk on that messy bridge while the bus will wait for us in the other end. But, the bus left without us. I was able to feel how crowded and uncomfortable it was. This experience made me learn to take the good buses for a good trip by observing it and I trapped into this strange activity. I think that's why i could be so curious of something seems interesting and unusual in a bus till now.

Back to the main business, I made this blog to publish my awesome creative writing. Definitely, this blog will be containing lots of fabulous writings that are going to be posted. Furthermore, you can give me any comments or critics, because they will surely make me relieved and let me know what I am supposed to do and fix.

I hope all published writings in this blog will be useful and entertaining all of you!



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