Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Book Review : 'Endank Soekamti: Angka 8'

Endank Soekamti presented a biographical novel that will tell all of us about the lives of the personnel, since childhood, adolescence, until now. All complete reviews based on valid data and then poured into a series of semi-documentary story definitely exciting to be enjoyed. Biography novel of Endank Soekamti is the only guide that will bring Kamtis family far more familiar with the figures that have high willingness to continue coloring the Indonesian music industry.

Endank Soekamti is one of punk rock band in Indonesia that has three personnel: Erix Soekamti (Bass and Vocals), Dory Soekamti (guitar and vocals), and Ary Soekamti (Drum). The band, which was founded in 2001, has a fairly large fan base and spread all over Indonesia. The fanatical fans named Kamtis Family. They always come on every Endank Soekamti’s concert. Endank Soekamti is a really phenomenal group band in Indonesia. A crazy, smart, and innovative musician that always make Kamtis Family wait for their new works. The newest creation is Endank Soekamti 5th album : Angka 8. Angka 8 (The eight) symbolize the friendship for each personnel of Endank Soekamti and furthermore is friendship  for Endank Soekamti with all the Kamtis Family.

“The struggle is not over, is still long road ahead. A band would not stop to work when it is already built kinship and belonging. Endank Soekamti fifth album is a small step to continue the journey has just begun”.
Due to the rampant piracy in our beloved country, the hard copy music sales is downturned. In that kind of bad situation, Endank Soekamti boldly sell the hard copy of their 5th album into the bookstore. Yap, not just a record store but also book store. They sell their CD albums by inserting them into a novel, a novel that tell us the story of their life from childhood until they become a rock star like now.

They named the novel as same as their fifth album that also tell the story about the past of the personnel, the stories behind the scene of the formation of Endank Soekamti until the existing problems on it that never exposed. This is not only the breakthrough on this album selling, but they also provide sixteen free track from the sixteen songs contained on Angka 8’s album. Everyone can download it on their official website,, freely. The animo from the 'free downloader' is so big, overloaded and can not be accessed by the visitor almost a whole month a few weeks after the download system is legalized.

Back to the novel, this biographical novel is really make the reader feel closer to this trio unique punk man from Yogyakarta. The book written by @rara_3R an @endikkoeswoyo use understandable language so all of the stories here directly delivered to the target without any absurd impression at all.

Stories about Dory who has a twin brother named Hody, Ary that has to beat depression in his live and Erix who tried to keep his passion in music altough he should be hated by his family, are completely written in this novel. There also stories about the ex-manager of Endank Soekamti, the process of the first album launching, the ‘Curse of Ary’ tragedy and many other stories that will make Kamtis Family know more about who is Endank Soekamti. This book is very recomended for you who want to know about Endak Soekamti.

But there a slight lack of this novel. There are still so many spelling errors everywhere, such as word Endang Soekamti, hari soekamti and some other words that passes editing process. I dont know whether this is intentional or not, but I think for the true Kamtis Family, they will understand how some words in the Angka 8 misprinted. There also one other minus thing in this novel. This novel lack of documentary like photos in every part. I think photos will add some real atmosphere to the novel.

Well, in spite of it all, this book is highly recomended for the youngster. This book complete of a story of a three musician that try to catch their dream, to be a rock star. You will see the real struggle for a big dream in the Angka 8 novel.